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Tuesday, February 20th 


Breakfast Special: Served until 11:00am

“Breakfast Scramble”

Two Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs with Boar’s Head Prosciutto, Asiago Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes. Served with your choice of Breadworks’ Toast topped with Housemade Pesto…$9.50 


Lunch Special: (Available at 11:00 am - until sold out)  

“Kermit’s Riblet Basket”

Our Tender BBQ Riblets served with delicious Housemade Coleslaw & Sweet Potato Chips…$11.25


Salad Special: (Available all Month long)

"Merk's Hot Chicken Salad"

Tender White Meat Chicken tossed with Celery, Sliced Almonds, Onion & Cheddar Cheese. Served Hot with our Housemade Crispy Fried Onions on a Bed of Organic Spinach … $10.95


 Today's Soups:

Chicken & Rice   

Tomato Basil v & gf 

v= vegetarian      df = dairy free      gf = gluten free


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